Pharmaca Fennica® Premium

Easily integrated & up-to date pharmaceutical information web service.

Pharmaceutical information that supports the decision-making of healthcare professionals.

​Pharmaca Fennica® Premium is an easily integrated & up-to date pharmaceutical information web service that is widely used by e.g., doctors, nurses and professionals at pharmacies. The solution can be easily integrated to different EHR systems and applications.

Reliable & always up-to-date

  • Medicine information updates every day​
  • Continuous development, e.g., environmental information on pharmaceuticals​

Time saving & ease of use

  • All relevant information in one view​
  • Medication, pharmacovigilance and shortage notifications in conjunction easily with other medicine information

Patient & medication safety 24/7

  • Key information to improve the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the pharmacotherapy​
  • Visual information and support for treatment engagement in different languages.

Pharmaceutical information e.g.,

  • Dosage​
  • Treatment initiation and follow-up​
  • Medicine safety​
  • Indications​
  • Contraindications ​
  • Interactions​
  • Adverse effects​
  • Pharmacogenomics​
  • Pharmacodynamics​
  • Pharmacokinetics​
  • Medicine Images & Support Materials 

Changes in drug information​, e.g.,

  • Changes in dosage​
  • Removed contraindications ​
  • New follow-up instructions​
  • Shortages and available options

Support in special situations, e.g.,

  • Children​
  • Athletes​
  • Genetic abnormalities​
  • Kidney deficiencies

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