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Laaketietokeskus.fi email addresses stop working on the 31st of December 2023

Dear customer and partner,

Email addresses ending in laaketietokeskus.fi and possible redirections stop working on the 31st of December 2023.

Please make sure that you use email addresses ending in pharmaca.fi.

For additional information, please contact our customer service info@pharmaca.fi or your contact person.

Some of our most commonly used email addresses for your information:

  • Customer Service and Billing: info@pharmaca.fi
  • Contracts and Sales: sales@pharmaca.fi
  • Trainings and Events: academy@pharmaca.fi
  • Vnr Services: vnr@vnr.fi
  • Technical Support: support@pharmaca.fi
  • Drug Information Services: pf@pharmaca.fi
  • Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC): drugsafety@pharmaca.fi

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