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We’re here to help you succeed in the Nordic markets.

Pharmaca’s services & solutions support you throughout the whole health life cycle. With years of combined experience and knowledge of the Nordic markets, we can help you in all pharmaceutical market-related issues and pharmaceutical sales data needs. Our Nordic collaboration guarantees local, in-depth knowledge in all Nordic countries.

We have a long history producing pharmaceutical information in the Finnish and Nordic markets. We manage the identification of medicines in the Nordic countries, and produce the national ePrescription Master Data database in Finland. Our Pharmaca Fennica Pharmaceutical information services are widely used in Finland and are available in multiple languages. We also provide and deliver structured medical databases for public and private healthcare in the Nordics, e.g., Epic in Norway.  

Our consultation services can help you when you

  • need ad hoc support in reimbursement applications or one time reports
  • are looking for a long-term partner to support you with the whole product life cycle, market trends and analyses
  • are entering the Nordic pharmaceutical market
  • need support for gaining patient access to your products in the Nordics 
  • want to formulate your Market Access strategy and need practical steps to get on the market
  • need in depth training of the Finnish health care system and especially Market Access landscape and processes
  • need market research regarding a therapeutic area and disease in scope
  • need to boost your team’s knowledge and understanding of patient data

We can provide you with e.g.

  • market analyses & market research
  • Nordic level comparisons (sales and registry data)
  • RWD (Real World Data)
  • finding and contacting key opinion leaders

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