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Pharmaca Intelligence

Pharmaca Intelligence elevates pharmaceutical and healthcare decision-making by turning data into smart analytics and clear insights. This improves efficiency, customer insight, and market understanding. 


For Healthcare

Pharmarket Pharmacy

Pharmarket Pharmacy helps to understand and predict the development of sales of self-care and over-the-counter products and to target measures to the right products and product categories.

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Pharmarket Healthcare

Pharmarket Healthcare helps healthcare professionals compare medication practices on national and regional levels.

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For Pharma Industry


Pharmarket helps to understand and analyze the development of the pharmaceutical market and supports the effective control and measurement of operations.

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Nordic Pharma

Reliable and up-to-date pharmaceutical sales statistics from all Nordic countries through a single service interface.

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Pharmaca Real-World Insights

The solution provides a quick overview of the real-life use of medicines (Real World Data, RWD), treatment practices and changes on different levels.

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Pharmaca Advanced Insights

An advanced analytics solution that helps to optimize the use of resources and target sales and marketing activities better.

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