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Pharmaca Fennica® MDSW (Medical Device Software) Interactions​ is an EU MDR compliant and CE-marked interactive service.

It includes clinically significant structured interactions and recommendations for action, e.g.,​

  • Clear severity grading in four classes​
  • Clinically significant notices​
  • Easy to use​
  • Cost-effective​
  • Ensuring patient and medication safety

Four severity classes​

  • Contraindicated​
  • To be avoided​
  • Use with caution​
  • No action required​

Other information

  • Limitations​
  • Mechanism​
  • Clinical consequence​
  • Dosage changes​
  • Changes in dosing schedule​
  • Monitoring​
  • Replacement drugs

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases support healthcare professionals’ decision-making, promote medication safety and facilitate treatment.

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