Swedish Pharma Insights Announces Change in Management

Fredrik Cassinger has been appointed Country Lead & Director of Operations in, Swedish Pharma Insights (SPI), provider of pharmaceutical sales data and consultancy services.

Fredrik Cassinger is taking over from Christian Arnt Jønbech, VD, who has been managing SPI for the last 8 years. The change will come into effect 1 December 2023. Christian Arnt Jønbech will stay onboard SPI until the transitions has been completed successfully.

“On behalf of SPI’s board, we want to thank Christian Arnt Jønbech for his dedication and results during the last 8 years. SPI is in good condition, ready for growth and further business development. Fredrik Cassinger has been with SPI for 7 years with a very strong track record and astute understanding of market opportunities. The board is confident that Fredrik is the right candidate to develop SPI even further. At the same time, we are strengthening the local management in Sweden with Viktor Viklund who will be responsible for driving consulting sales as Nordic Engagement Lead. Viktor has a solid background from the life science sector“, says Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Chairman of the Board, SPI, and Managing Director, Signum.

The transition signifies an exciting chapter for SPI, demonstrating a commitment to sustained growth, innovation, and enhanced service delivery to our clients and partners.

Swedish Pharma Insights is owned by Pharmaca (Finland), Farmastat (Norway) and Signum (Denmark). Based in Stockholm, SPI provides pharmaceutical sales data and consultancy services life science companies with a focus on commercial business optimization. With clear market data, essential insights and a trust-based counselling partnership, we give our customers the inside track to the Swedish market.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Chairman of the Board, SPI, at suf@signumlifescience.com

Want to know more about Swedish Pharma Insights? Please visit our website: https://spi.health/

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