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Structured, drugs-spesific databases that integrate to your EHR system.

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Structured medical information to support decision-making

Because Pharmaca Fennica® Databases are structured, they are easy to integrate into healthcare systems, EHRs and pharmacy systems. This ensures the availability of pharmaceutical information exactly when it needed.

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases support decision-making, promote medication safety, and facilitate treatment. Drug databases contain all relevant information on medicines used for human or animal use, such as the trade name, strength, packaging, price, substitution, dosage, intended use and side effects of the medicinal product.

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases are developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals.

Pharmaca Fennica® Interactions available as an CE certified medical device

We also implement Pharmaca Fennica® Databases as interactive services that are EU MDR compliant and CE certified medical devices. Currently Pharmaca Fennica® Interactions can be utilized as a interactive service.

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