We offer information and health intelligence solutions to healthcare and pharma professionals, enabling them to save time, make better decisions, ensure patient and medication safety, and enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Responsibility is an integral part of our daily operations. It involves not only taking actions but also communicating about them.

Our company is led with a long-term perspective, considering economic, social, and environmental aspects in our operations to ensure sustainable development. Responsibility includes continuous improvement, reviewing operations, and enhancing processes. Pharmacan’s slogan is: Catalyzing intelligence for health.

Our Principles of Responsibility

Health with data

We help professionals and organizations to elevate health and well-being, and to develop their expertise, operations, and collaboration by providing researched and reliable information.

Sustainable Society

We strive to operate sustainably from both economic and social perspectives. Responsibility guides our choices, including e.g., investments.

Healthy Environment

We actively promote environmental well-being and sustainability by offering and developing information on the environmental impacts of pharmaceuticals, creating discussion forums, and participating in various initiatives.

Projects to improve health

We are continuously involved in various health-promoting projects.

For example, in the MASSE project led by Aalto University and funded by Business Finland, a virtual care management system was developed to enhance the treatment of chronic diseases. In 2023, the goal for Sitra’s Innovation Ecosystem for Medication Safety -project was to promote medication safety expertise and the utilization of solutions supporting medication safety across different organizations.

Actively engaging in national and international networks

We are active participants in multiple networks where we contribute our expertise and time to promote innovation and sustainable development. For instance, we have been members of the National Medicines Information Network since its establishment in 2012. Additionally, we are members of various organizations, including the Finnish Patient Safety Association (Spty), and HL7 Finland, which promotes software openness and compatibility.

Responsibility as an employer

We aspire to operate as a responsible employer by fulfilling our obligations diligently and investing in ensuring an excellent work experience for our employees. In 2023, we were ranked the 10th best workplace in Finland, and we received the Great Place to Work recognition for the third consecutive time. Each year, we provide opportunities for students to engage in internships and thesis projects. -website

Pharmaca maintains and is responsible for the -website, which provides citizens with reliable information about vaccines and vaccination in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

The website adheres to the principles of operation coordinated by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea’s National Medicines Information Network.

Developer of the Finnish Medicines Environmental Classification

Since December 2021, Finnish healthcare professionals have had access to Pharmaca’s environmental classification of medicines, which guides the selection of more environmentally friendly medications in prescribing and dispensing situations. This can be done when there are multiple therapeutically equivalent options available for treating a condition or symptoms, meaning a medication that is equally effective and safe for the patient.

Responsibility is a guiding factor when selecting potential investments

In our asset management, we use Evli, which has been awarded the “Responsible Investment Award” for the best expertise in responsible investment (ESG) in Finland in the recent SFR community asset management client survey. Evli was assessed as the best in responsible investment expertise among both “Large” asset management firms and all asset management firms. The level of responsibility in our investment portfolio is measured and is of a high standard. We also select potential investments based on this criteria.

Supporting Sustainable Pharmacy Professorship

We have made a donation to the University of Helsinki to support the establishment of a new sustainable pharmacy professorship. The new professorship aims to advance the resolution of sustainability challenges in the pharmaceutical industry through collaboration with students, researchers, partners, and stakeholders.

Highest credit rating indicates reliability

Pharmaca has been awarded the highest credit rating (AAA) by Bisnode. The rating agency assesses company operations, finances, backgrounds, and payment methods. Requirements for achieving the highest credit rating include significantly better-than-average financial indicators, positive background and payment behavior, as well as sufficient business volume.

Responsibility as part of our education and training business

Since 2021, we have been organizing the Nordic Medicines Sustainability Forum, bringing together pharmaceutical industry stakeholders from the Nordic countries to discuss current environmental issues and provide examples of how environmental projects can be integrated into everyday business practices.

Responsibility is also incorporated into our other events. We offer free webinars, providing our clients, partners, and other industry stakeholders with opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement.

CASE: The Ukrainian crisis highlighted the need for pharmaceutical information

Sometimes, language barriers can hinder the utilization of medical information in aiding those fleeing war. In the beginning of 2022, we received a request for pharmaceutical information in Ukrainian from the Finnish Red Cross in Rovaniemi. We wanted to do our part in solving the language barrier, and we succeeded in compiling clear material for the Red Cross. The material allowed searching Ukrainian medicines and their English active ingredients, as well as information on which drug category the medications belong to.

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