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Whether you’re a professional or a citizen, Pharmaca Health provides comprehensive pharmaceutical information solutions for the whole health life cycle. Our most well-known brand Pharmaca Fennica®, is the core of pharmaceutical information trusted by professionals since 1975. 

Pharmaca HEALTH

For Healthcare

Pharmaca Fennica®

Structured, drug-spesific databases that integrate to EHR systems and applications.

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Pharmaca Fennica®
Digital services

Comprehensive web services such as Pharmaca Fennica Premium, Pharmaca Fennica for Nurses, Pharmaca Fennica Veterinaria.

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Pharmaca Fennica®
MDSW Interactions

Clinically significant structured interactions and 
recommendations as an CE-marked service.​

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For Pharma Industry

Pharmaca Fennica® Drug Information Service

An easy and user-friendly service for updating, adding and distributing pharmaceutical information.

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Fast and reliable DHPC communication on your behalf to reach a wide range of healthcare professionals.

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Vnr-services for
Nordic countries

Order Vnr numbers and check the current situation for all Nordic countries.

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We produce websites such as and that help citizens to care for their health and well-being.

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