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An advanced analytics solution that helps to optimize the use of resources and target sales and marketing activities better.

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Do you need to make business decisions that are based on data rather than gut feeling?

Pharmanalytics Advanced Insights is an advanced analysis service for those working in sales and marketing in pharmaceutical companies. The solution provides an effective way to segment customer groups, thus improving targeting and increasing sales potential.

The benefits of the service

  • Understand your growth potential better
  • Focus your resources on potential pharmacies  
  • Grow your sales and support pharmacy to develop its own business

Pharmanalytics Advanced Insights helps you optimise the use of resources, focus your actions and offer a service that is better tailored to different customer groups. The service enables you to:

  • Understand which areas and pharmacies offer the best potential for your products
  • Plan the targeting of actions in your field of sales to the best locations
  • Predict the development of sales budgets and increase your market share
  • Help your sales team communicate better with various stakeholders

Help pharmacies develop the success of a product group

The service is based on the analysis of different data sources using advanced analytics. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss the development of your sales and marketing activities in more detail.

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