Bristol Myers Squibb’s experiences with the Pharmaca Real World Insights solution

Bristol Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative medicines for serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and immunological diseases. The Pharmaca Real World Insights solution helps the company’s marketing and medical department to interpret and understand the pharmaceutical market, particularly during the pre-launch and market entry stages.

Bristol Myers Squibb develops innovative medicines for serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and immunological diseases. Implementing innovations on the market and decision-making must be backed up by reliable and high-quality data. Many sources of information are available in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, but it is not always possible to use the information easily or in the desired way. The Pharmaca Real World Insights solution provides a solution to this. It enables users to analyse the use of pharmaceuticals at national and regional levels, to compare treatment practices and leverage pre-validated and visualised data. It also makes it easy to monitor geographical distribution and see how treatments vary according to hospital district.

“The service helps you interpret and understand the pharmaceutical market. It provides information on the distribution of various indications for preparations. It makes it easy to interpret trends and the progress of various matters,” says Päivi Erävaara, Business Unit Director.

Reliable data to support decision-making

Bristol Myers Squibb’s marketing department uses the service for price and reimbursement applications and market forecasts, for example. The company says that data sources and the reliability of data are very important for internal reporting and cooperation with the authorities. Users praise the service especially for the reliability of data and data sources. It is easy to make decisions with reliable data.

Lila Nikkola, Senior Medical Advisor, works in Bristol Myers Squibb’s medical department. She explains that she uses Pharmaca Real World Insights especially during the pre-launch phase of products.

“The service enables you to view products similar to the one that is about to be launched and changes in usage already during the pre-launch phase and to see how new medicines are taken into use. Regional differences in the use of medicines also help us interpret the treatment practices in various areas,” says Nikkola.

Smooth and friendly service

Nikkola praises the Pharmaca Real World Insights for its ease of use. She started at Bristol Myers Squibb after the introduction training had taken place and learned how to use the service independently, even though she was also offered training. According to her, the service works very well and its logic has been easy to adopt.

“The introduction of the service was extremely smooth and easy. We have quickly received answers to our questions and tips on how to utilise the data. Our development proposals have had a positive reception and products are added to the service quickly. We have been provided with good answers to many questions, topped off with a friendly service,” says Erävaara.

Jenni Seeberg, Brand Manager, was also interviewed for this article.

Pharmanalytics Real World Insights

Pharmaca Real World Insights solution provides a quick overview of the real-life use of medicines and thus helps pharmaceutical companies to improve operational control, communication with stakeholders and authority reporting.

Benefits of the service

  • Analyse drug use at the national and regional levels
  • Compare treatment practices
  • Leverage pre-validated and visualised data

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