Orion Pharma’s experiences of Pharmarket market statistics service

Orion Pharma is Finland’s leading pharmaceutical company. Pharmaca’s Pharmarket™ market statistics service allows Orion Pharma to monitor and analyse the pharmaceutical market at national and regional levels. Orion is especially impressed with the way in which the Pharmaca listens to its clients and takes their wishes into account

In addition to Finland, Orion Pharma has operations in many other countries in Europe, the USA and Asia.

“We currently have about 2,500 employees in Finland,” says Tuija Hiirikoski, RX Sales Manager at Orion Pharma.

Reliable data in an easy-to-use format

Orion Pharma’s domestic sales department acquired the Pharmarket Industry for monitoring prices and sales in the markets. The service has been in use for about 10 months now.

“In my work and with my own target group, we naturally closely monitor sales and the various related reports,” says Hiirikoski.

Portfolio Development Manager Panu Teittinen uses Pharmarket more to generate data.

“The data provided by the service is reliable, and it’s also in an easy-to-use format,” says Teittinen.

Customer service takes care of us

Hiirikoski and Teittinen especially appreciate Pharmarket’s ease of use, the speed of updates, and the fact that the service can be customised. For example, reports can be conveniently created for a variety of purposes. The service has successfully met the needs of managing and steering sales.

“I personally feel that the Pharmaca is a pretty agile company. Their excellent customer service also takes care of us and strives for continuous improvement. I have been left with a very positive image of the company,” says Teittinen.

“They listen to our requests and take them into consideration, and they are also proactive towards us. It’s been great to notice this,” Teittinen says.

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