Pharmaca donates skeleton, torso and brain models to Ressu IB

Pharmaca has used life-size skeleton, torso and brain models in its trainings in the past. The unused models were discovered again upon an office cleanup, and a decision was made to donate them to better use. 

With the help of Pharmaca’s Office Trainee Stella Uimonen, the skeleton, torso and brain were cleaned and donated to Ressu IB (Ressu Upper Secondary School) at the end of 2023.

Stella interviewed teachers Miikka Lappalainen and Piia Koponen from Ressu IB regarding the donation.

How are the donated models used at Ressu IB?

“The life-size skeleton helps students understand the bones functions, what they look like, and where they are placed. A real-life model is easier to understand, and you can see how all the different joints work”, tells Piia.

“The torso is perfect for practical learning: the students can build up the torso while learning the places and names of the organs.”

“We can also see how the bones of a human differ from other organisms. We can see how evolution has affected our bones by looking at the changes,” Miikka fills in.

“The students in the biology lessons will use the torso, skeleton, and brain. The brain is also studied in psychology lessons, so it will be helpful there too. Now that we have two torsos and skeletons, we can divide the students into smaller groups, and the lessons can be more effective,” says Miikka.

“We also have multiple biology classrooms, so now we do not have to carry the skeletons and torsos around,” says Piia.

Why are the models crucial for learning?

“Often, it’s unclear to the students how big the organs are because pictures only show us what they look like from one angle. You can also compare different organs and understand how the organs and bones are placed,” says Piia. “These models also help with not having to use other methods like animal testing, which the IB schools try to use as little as possible.”

“The students will definitely notice the new models – many students enjoy practical learning, and building up the torso will be fun for them,” says Piia. “Thank you for this donation!”

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