Pharmaca Fennica® Dosages

Pharmaca Fennica® Dosages is a structured database for the support of the everyday work of healthcare professionals. The database contains structured dosing instructions of medicines based on the SPCs. The easy-to-use and cost-efficient database enables to automatically prefill the dosing instructions and to check dosages e.g. to avoid overdoses.

Pharmaca Fennica® Dosages helps healthcare professionals to find the correct dosing instructions and save time. Prefilled dosing information or suggestion for dosing prevents overdosing and improves patient safety.

Dosage instructions are provided in the database according to

  • the indication (e.g. asthma),
  • the user (e.g. children),
  • the route of administration (e.g. inhalation) and
  • the type of dose (e.g. starting dose).

In addition to the dosage, additional information is given, e.g. instructions for the method of administration (e.g. in relation to food, site of administration or device).

Dosing instructions are stated on a product-by-product basis. Dosage instructions can be combined with the products by using the Vnr number. The database is available in Finnish as XML-format via our interface.

The database can be integrated into other Pharmaca Fennica® Databases or it can be used separately.

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases

Pharmaca Fennica® Databases support healthcare professionals’ decision-making, promote medication safety and facilitate treatment.

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