Pharmaceutical Information Centre investigated the care experience of chronically ill patients as part of the MASSE project

The MASSE project, which aims to provide a smoother care experience for the chronically ill, is progressing as planned. As part of the MASSE project, Pharmaceutical Information Centre launched a collaboration with the Diabetes Association, the Rheumatism Association and the Parkinson’s Association in the spring to gather information on the care experience of chronically ill patients and the challenges of drug treatment. Pharmaceutical Information Centre uses the information collected to design drug treatment support solutions for chronically ill patients that improve treatment monitoring, medication safety, and communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

“In the spring of 2021, Pharmaceutical Information Centre investigated the challenges of drug treatment for patients with type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease through online surveys and patient interviews. Based on the studies, in all the studied disease groups, some patients feel that the monitoring of the disease and the effectiveness of its drug treatment is not at a sufficient level at the moment”, says Development Pharmacist Elli Leppä from Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

According to the surveys, patients would have wanted more information at the beginning of a new medication, e.g. about adverse drug reactions and more detailed information on treatment goals. In addition, patients would like an easier way to connect with the healthcare professionals. Depending on the disease group, 70-87% of patients would be interested in using a mobile application for treatment monitoring and support, if available.

“The survey provided us with important information about patients’ needs and the challenges of drug treatment. We are currently designing tools that allow the patient to record information related to their own care, such as medications and daily symptoms, and allow the healthcare professional to review them. The tools will include clearly illustrated drug information, e.g. the prevalence of adverse drug reactions, the patient’s treatment goals, and the benefits of treatment. The goal is for the preliminary concepts of the tools to be ready in the autumn, when we will be able to collect feedback from patients and healthcare professionals”, says Leppä.

MASSE project

Good treatment of chronic diseases saves healthcare resources while improving patients’ quality of life and chances of maintaining their functional capacity for as long as possible. Led by Aalto University and funded by Business Finland, the MASSE project is improving the treatment of chronic diseases with digital means. The goal of the MASSE project is to create a virtual care management system that provides more personalized care for chronic patients with the efficiency of mass production. Alongside the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, the University of Helsinki and several businesses in the field are also involved in the project. Read more.

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